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    Trade Services
    Commercial Buildings
  • Plant room during refurbishment in Melbourne CBD Building
    Projects Upgrades and Refurbishments
    HVAC Mechanical Services
  • Condenser water pumps
    Mechancial HVAC Air Conditioning
  • hydrant pump on the roof plant room in a commercial building
    Essential Systems
    Fire Services
  • Terminal Strip in an Electrical Control Switchboard
    Electrical and Switchboards
    General and Mechanical Electrical
  • Building Management Systems

    Building Automation Systems (BAS) are the foundation of your building's efficient operation and has the potential to save you significant dollars and add value to the building. Our Foundations are in Building Automation, and as such, we can ensure Value for money in optimizing and maintaining your system.
    Including Repairs, Installation, Maintenance, Projects, Refurbishments, Upgrades Lon works, BAcnet, Niagara AX Various Brands and products can be supported
  • Mechanical Services HVAC

    Your Tenants comfort and safety is of the highest priority.
    Ensuring effective and timely communication with tenants and Building management
    Keeping up with current Building and Mechanical Services technology
    Ensuring compliance and adherence to building codes and Australian Standards

  • Electrical Services

    General electrical, Mechanical Services, Controls, air conditioning, Lighting and general power.

  • Fire Services

    Building Services invariably link back to the fire system, from the Mechanical Services air conditioning system, to lighting, automation, elevators, power, water and more; your opportunity to implement a holistic programmed maintenance regime starts here. The Major benefit is reduced coordination time and management.
  • Emergency Lighting

    Part of your Essential services maintenance and compliance obligation is Emergency Lighting testing and repairs every six months

  • Access Control

    Access Control for apartment building and commercial offices

  • Elevator

    Vertical Rise Maintenance management

    Elevators need certification very year, they need regular maintenance and they need the support for when things don't go to plan, it doesn’t happen often, but it does happen

    Elevators systems suffer from obsolescence, there are system that are still running which were installed in the 1980's (even earlier). What happens to obsolescence equipment as the older it gets, it becomes more and more expensive and lead times extend further. Talk to us about managing and maintaining your elevator systems of a holistic Facility management agreement.

  • Switchboards

    Modifications, Refurbishment, Upgrades, Control Panels, repairs and maintenance, Thermographic reports

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