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Building Maintenance Contracts

If you ‘re not happy with your current Facility Maintenance Services provider then see the difference a smaller, Family based, boutique company can make. Switch to Wizard Facility Management Pty Ltd for your Facility Maintenance Services.

signing a contract

Contract Management: Objectives of the landlord as well as terms and conditions must be included

“Good maintenance management not only ensures that a property’s assets operates correctly and provides good quality internal environmental conditions for the Tenants, it also promotes longevity of useful life. Its is proven that poorly maintained equipment leads to increased Energy Use, issues with budget control, increased reactive management strategies and tenant dissatisfaction”

Service level Agreements (SLA’s):

We offer a host of services that we can supply directly or out source, we have sub contractors of various disciplines and trades that we have worked with directly or indirectly over the years.

We work with you to achieve a balance between Maintenance Management via SLA’s, be they preventative, comprehensive or corrective maintenance agreements and Fiscal budgeting.

Tenant satisfaction, Sustainability objectives, legislative compliance, Price, Contractor Performance and Workplace Health and Safety all play a part in achieving Balance.

Contracts Management:

Different services within a facility require different levels of cover and depth of maintenance, and there are many facets which are part of the process; all of which are negotiated and reviewed with our client for a balanced result.

Experience in Contracts Management:

Wizard Property Management has extensive experience in contracts Management; with our back ground experience from the construction industry, our reviewing and implementing of service agreements, sourcing Market Value and pursuing correct scope to ensure timely delivery means greater value for our clients.

Preserving Building assets requires delivery of proper maintenance process to your Facility. Maintenance needs to be reliable, effective, economic and deliver results to the bottom line for our client. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) targeted via diligent sub contract management and diligent market sourcing, can achieve a profitable balance between service, delivery, price and results for our Clientele.

Condenser water testing by a third party

Testing of Cooling Tower to prevent Legionnaires occurring in the condenser water

Technology and software in Maintenance Management:

It’s 2016, there is a massive amount of software providers and technology suppliers all competing for your valuable dollar, there has never been a better time to implement technologies, including mobile phones and remote Internet monitoring and control to reduce costs and improve performance. Technology is one of our areas of specialty. ask us more in the form.


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