• Pipes and plant room equipment
    HVAC Services
  • essential services fans for smoke
    Essential Services
  • condenser water plant on the roof of a Parramatta Building
    Water Treatment
  • Air Handling Unit new Cooling Coil
    Mechanical Services
  • chiller and chilled water pipes
    Main plant Maintenance

One organization to service all your maintenance calls, one point of responsibility

Improve Time, Improve Performance, Reduce Risk and Reduce Costs;
With the experience, expertise and dedication of our Facility Services Team.

“You will spend 11 times more without preventative maintenance”

Streamline building performance efficiency with an effective maintenance management team using technology, experience and expertise to enhance your building’s operations and visibility into the maintenance process.
Maintenance management should include proper scheduling, recording and monitoring of the maintenance system within the operations of a building. Reducing down time and extending the life of your building’s assets.

Our experienced managers make regular visual checks and review subcontractor documentation, including work method statements and insurances. The use of technology and procedural systems to ensure delivery of maintenance at the correct time and ensure the maintenance as actually completed. Effective management includes visual and documentation diligence. Scheduling and monitoring programmed maintenance is critical for effective building operations.

Contract Management

Our experience in the construction industry offers our clients the contractual foundations and skills for effective negotiations and sub-contractor management in building operations.

Negotiation with vendors in the delivery of their serves and/or products is about more than just price. We consider “Terms of Trade” experience, “fit for purpose”, sustainability policies, Work place health and Safety systems, Crew, legislative compliance and the quality of their documentation.

Considerations on site will include job safety analysis, personnel behaviour, presentation, timely delivery, work cover insurance and business insurance, compliance to on site protocols, “white card” industry induction and any delivery concerns.

Our Management’s construction and project back ground ensure risk minimization, and optimizing value for money from any vendor.

Contract management is an integral part of any property management strategy.


Our resources extend into international markets, especially the USA and the UK where we can access information, technical expertise, products and services. These markets are especially useful where technology such as BMS and Data/server rooms require specific and vendor (OEM) information and products.


We offer the flexibility and tailoring to met the site’s specific needs, including sustainability objectives, engineering, and budgets; by empowering effective communications and diligence with our vendors and our client, we can negotiate many of the issues and deliver an outcome that is satisfactory to all.

Facility Management Contract administration

Facility Management Contract Administration

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