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Special Projects are Our “Forte”

“Let it Not be Said We Would refuse a challenge”
Special Projects, unusual circumstances, works which other have “Shied” away from.

Getting it Done!

Why quality fit outs, refurbishments, and “make good”, delivered on time, is the essence of good project management.

Project Management

Our Project Management team offers a comprehensive suite of services which deliver outcomes in line with our client’s objectives. The team is responsible for managing resources to ensure the successful completion of our clients specific project goals.

Construction Background

Our company is built on the foundations from a construction background and comprehensive network of suppliers, delvers a cost effective, legislative compliant, project delivery. Understanding the importance of timely delivery, Health and Safety, and market value for products, technology, and labour only comes with years of experience.

Contract Management

Contract management includes managing the tender process, ensuring the back ground of suppliers is stable and competent, scrutinizing documentation, and asking for KPIs in regards to waste management, sustainability, and energy conservation are apart of the project management process.

Warranty / DLP

When the project is handed over, the project still has twelve months of monitoring and “driving” warranty obligations ensuring what was asked for was delivered.


Following up suppliers, builders, Authorities and consultants to ensure delivery of relevant documentation on time and reviewed for compliance to our client’s objectives.

  • Safety systems
  • Insurances
  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals
  • Job safety analysis
  • Site attendance log books
  • Work Cover documentation
  • As built drawings
  • Tender drawings
  • Architectural
  • Request for information
  • Financial records
  • Building information Modeling
  • Technical Specifications
  • Product data sheets
  • and the list goes on

Large, Small, Refurbishment, Upgrades, Make Good, Office Fit Outs

Do you need a team, and access to specialized trades or vendors?
Is your project of a critical or sensitive nature?
Are you implementing new technology?
Are you looking for specialized compliance to particular codes and or company policy?

We can talk for hours about what we can do, and how wonderful we are, but, the fact is, that every single project, large or small, has different parameters, different objectives, different budgets and consequently different challenges. What’s important is project delivery.

Call today, to review what we can do for your particular project.

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Project management

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