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Facility Services for the Building Tenants
Owner Occupiers

Are your current base building arrangements providing a satisfactory service?

We can help you with services outside the scope of the base building lease obligations, for example:

  • Supplementary Air conditioning, e.g. the board room and meeting rooms
  • Kitchenette cleaning and maintenance services
  • Additional cleaning services, such as annual car pet steam clean
  • internal data center services, including CRAC and UPS units
  • Fire systems, such as “pre-action and VESDA” for your data center
  • Test and Tag
  • Ad-Hoc “Handy-man” jobs

We look after tenant clients whom occupy 200 meters to 20,000 meters;


Tenant Kitchenette


Tenant Kitchenettes are cleaned two or three times daily , coffee machines, fridges, microwave ovens and other kitchenette components are maintained by us.

Janitorial Services, general Cleaning

Janitorial Services, general Cleaning

Janitorial Bathroom Services

Tenant Bathroom Janitorial Services are completed by our team. Many Tenancies have internal bathrooms; how are these serviced and is it an economical outcome? How can we help improve results and reduce costs in your tenancy operations?


Optimizing Office space and facilities is crtical for value in the office tenancy

Reduce Costs

Do you seek to reduce operational costs in your tenancy?
Are you spending more than you should on supplementary air Conditioning?
Could your Facility Manager achieve more with some additional services support?
Are you getting the best value for money from your service providers?


Board Rooms usually have additional supplementary Air Conditioning

Supplementary Air Conditioning Systems

Does your tenancy have supplementary A/C?, Does it come under the base building lease agreement? Is it properly maintained?

Improve Business Opportunities

Every tenant has a core business which they are particularly specialized and expert with; our core business is property management, which includes looking after tenancies to maximise their opportunity to do what they do well, while we take care of operations and property.

Zero cost or better

After many years of experience, we have discovered many potential clients, which own a “do it yourself” process towards facility and operational property management, miss out on key savings.
The main reason they miss out on savings, is their buying power.
The tenant is typically a “single source opportunity” for a services vendor, and consequently, when the tenant goes to market for a building service, they will often be given a “retail price”.
We have many sites, buildings and tenancies, which we look after, this means our vendors are keen to serve and provide a competitive price, as they seek business growth for multiple contracts in multiple properties.
Our buying power pricing is passed onto our clientele; the cost of a service provider, plus any fees we might include, should be a less than if a tenant will “do it themselves”.

Do the Maths

Consider the following:

  • add the hourly rate of a tenants employee,
  • the cost of the employee not performing your core business activity,
  • the indirect costs of hiring employees,
  • the additional time sourcing and managing that “non-core activity”,
  • then being charged full retail price for the services,

this adds up.
Hence, our services net cost compared with doing it yourself, should be zero or better, than “doing it yourself”,
especially, when you consider the lost opportunity cost of your employee effectively doing work outside their scope.

Call today, let talk it though over a coffee

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