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Data Center property Services, Maintenance, HVAC, Energy Management, Automation (BMS) and after hours support

Is your IT manager over worked?

Occasionally, in tenancies, we see IT managers overwhelmed with the mechanical services that support their internal data centre.

IT manager’s expertise is within the operations of the data centre, the racks, the technology and the Data management;
our core business is the services, which facilitate and provide support systems for the integrity and reliability of the data centre room.

data centre facility management

data centre facility management

We can assist to make your business easier by looking after the Data centre Room

Outsourcing services, such as Data centre facility management, can make more efficient use of your IT managers time and your money. We have the resources, the industry contacts, and the back up to support you rooms services including:

  • Fire Systems
  • Mechanical Services
  • Automation, Digital Control
  • UPS Systems
  • Air Conditioning CRAC units

We can help improve costs and assist with the Facility management in products and maintenance such as:

In the Data Centre

Outside the Data centre

UPS Machine Cooling Towers
Air Condition Units – CRACs Water Treatment
Ventilation Pumps and Mechanical Services
Emergency “Spot Coolers” Heat Exchangers
Fire Systems including VESDA and “pre-action” Mechanical Electrical and Switchboards
Under floor water detection Automated and Digital Controls
Remote monitoring or specific BMS Building Management Systems
Distribution Switchboards Redundancy control, Systems
Humidity Control Variable Speed Drives
Temperature Control High Level Interfaces


NABERS Rules for Data Centres

The opportunities for improved energy conservation within the data centre are typically with the mechanical Services which serve the room.
Management control of CRAC Units, air flows, Temperature controls, duty standby cycling and other strategies may be possible and improve operations and redundancy features in the mechanical services.
Metring specifics, and other constructive mechanisms to improve efficiency and the assessment rating of the centre can be found in the NABERS Rules.
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Building Management Systems – BMS

We can supply, install, commission, design, program an independent Building Management System (BMS) which is scalable to include for an energy management system (EMS) and capable for remote monitoring via most internet browsers.

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