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Air Conditioning Services

We offer a Preventative, Comprehensive,
Corrective and Bespoke agreements

The Corrective Agreement is essentially a “Do and Charge” agreement for repairs, but we offer you cheaper rates based upon loyalty.
Preventative agreements is your typical labor only, monthly visit, pats and repairs are at additional cost
Comprehensive agreements are expensive, let’s be honest, there is considerable risk;
Chillers and major plant equipment will need to be insured; our technicians literally over service the site to ensure minimum breakdowns and to reduce our risk.
We set a schedule to ensure all items are covered, at least once, over the twelve month period. Documentation is provided with photos.

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HVAC Mechanical Services Maintenance and Project services

A comprehensive agreement will work for critical nature sites such as medical, research, data centers and the like. (We know we supposed to be “selling” here, but, it is important you invest in exactly what you need that works effectively for your building’s operations).

HVAC Mechanical Systems Audits also available

Many sites, already have an incumbent mechanical services provider, and there is likely a sense of loyalty, but, there are times management wishes to understand how effective the maintenance is and how the costs versus results investment is actually working. Management know the costs, but what are the results. This is where we can help.
Our HVAC mechanical Services Audits are essentially a set of photos of the HVAC equipment with a commentary. Management can make up their own mind about their return on investment with their current mechanical services vendor.

The commentary will include remarks regarding the following:

  • Compliance to Australian Standards
  • Lack of Maintenance or fair wear and tear
  • Weather affected
  • Influence on the fire System
  • Influence on the Nabers assessment
  • Life term of the equipment
  • Estimated Cost to Replace
  • Estimated Cost to Repair

We need to be fair and will not bid on the mechanical service agreement for a site which we have audited, at least for twelve months.

No Obligation Site Visit

The “Sell”. Call today, and lets see how we can help you move forward to achieve better results and value for money.

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    Critical HVAC System Maintenance
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    Effective Maintennce will Reduce Energy Costs
  • new cooling coil inside an major commercial building air handling unit
    Mechanical HVAC Services

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