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Air Conditioning Services

Do you know you expected costs

In the next 5 years, are you aware of the costs for repairs and/or replacement for obsolescent or “end of life” major plant equipment in your commercial property?

If your building is more than 20 years old, this is important information.

Consider the engine room for the various services in your building, what state of repair are they in? Are there are maintenance contracts in place? and do these maintenance companies performs an effective job?

What are the costs directly and indirectly of the failure of a major item of equipment? How much of your equipment is obsolete and consequently expensive to repair/replace or modify.

HVAC mechanical services

HVAC Mechanical Services and Repairs

We know that you know that you are aware of all these parameters and can easily access the information via a your web server and print it out at a moments notice.

We know you are receiving “bang for buck” on ll your service agreements and all of them have sustainability objectives ensuring indirect accountability for improving the overall sustainability performance of your building.

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plant room operations

Main Plant Maintenance Management Services

We believe in implementing and optimizing technology for greater freedom and returns for our clients.

Technology should be easy to use by the operator and be fit for purpose to provide effective asset management; with our background in Commercial Buildings’ controls and software, we apply our skills and knowledge to use technologies to automate processes and data collection for efficient facility operations for our clients, including energy, operations, and maintenance.

Our services are flexible and designed in consultation with our client. In our passion for technology, we strive to integrate the best systems and software to optimize the facility operations to manage your building like a machine.

We serve you first by listening to your objectives and your goals, together we develop an strategic plan to reach those goals with the given constraints of budgets and time lines. Our Aim is to provide our clients with a smooth operation which builds value into their assets and returns time back into their day.

Building Maintenance Services

Do you have a specific scheduled maintenance plan in place for your facility?

reciprecating chiller painted white with one stage compressor

Fixed Asset Management

Will your maintenance plan consider for obsolescence, breakdowns, life terms and eventual replacement?
There are two favored strategies; “run to fail” and an asset maintenance plan.

“Run to Fail” does have advantages, but as a generalization, it will cost more in both direct and indirect costs. The indirect costs are often paid from different budgets, but will still have an adverse effect on the overall return for the building.

Indirect costs are costs resulting from reduced energy efficiency and reduced performance of the asset over time.
The reduced performance of an asset may increase call-outs, repair costs, and reflects upon the tenants in terms of more complaints, shorter retention, lower rent and the reputation of the building.
Office tenants talk to each other and prospective new tenants will often ask existing tenants about the performance of the building.

An effective asset maintenance plan, will extend the lift of the asset, reduce indirect costs and improve value.

Reduce or Mitigate the Risk

You need a team whom have the knowledge and expertise to deliver successful and legislative compliant results for your building, including compliance for local government, workplace health and safety, and Australian standards.

Strategies which will save money include ensuring legislative compliance, routine maintenance, asset documentation and monitoring (measurement and verification), attention to warranty obligations, and continued diligence.

Does this sound expensive?

fan coil unit supply air fan

Maintenance For Air Conditioning fan coil unit

Not performing maintenance has a higher cost and a higher risk, but its often delayed. The costs are, at times, indirect, such as in the reputation of the building, which has an effective on rental income.

Why Choose Us

First and foremost, we provide these services because we have seen many landlords and property managers spend unnecessary dollars on failure. Our clientele have the peace of mind, we are on their team, and understand the requirements for documentation, systems, and consistent verification.

We have been in the industry for many years and have the team and the access to those professionals which have the experience and knowledge to resolve issues and mitigate risk.

Call us today for a free consultation to tailor the asset services to reduce costs and improve building performance.

large inline ventilation fan has come away from the shaft of the 250 Kw motor and is now lodged in the duct work

Commercial Facility Management

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    Critical HVAC System Maintenance
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    Effective Maintennce will Reduce Energy Costs
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    Mechanical HVAC Services

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