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Air Conditioning Services

Main Plant and Peripheral Plant Equipment

Our Facility Maintenance Hard Services are both externally and internally procured; this offers our clients unique options, flexibility, and pricing.

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Hard Services in Facility Management – HVAC Chiller Pumps


Procurement of services from specialized consultants for peer review, to switchboard upgrades to, complete main plant refurbishments.

Energy Management

Conserving the energy consumption of major plant equipment from the Air conditioning system to the elevators via the existing “Building Management System” (BMS) or an independent system. We have worked in major commercial buildings, such as the Grace Hotel, with the Office of Environment and Heritage for energy management projects.

Maintenance and Repairs

Prioritizing Hard Services maintenance or repairs for major fixed assets based upon budget, time lines, Land lord’s objectives, and essential services or non essential services ensures the outcomes are compliant with stakeholders as well council and BCA requirements.

Maintenance For Air Conditioning

Planned or scheduled maintenance for air conditioning systems and main plant with SLA’s incorporating environmental policy as well as energy conservation strategies as part of Hard Services facility management.

Planned Maintenance

We work closely with our Facility Services clients to ensure the most appropriate planned maintenance systems are implemented, offering both internal and external procurement where strategies dictate. We value our supply chain and we value our contract management skills.

Construction Experience

Our experience in construction tendering, negotiation, and procurement provides our customer a competitive procurement process for all external services.
Supporting our customers with our background in trade, construction and engineering, we believe the results speaks for them selves. Results are the only true measurement of performance. Understanding your facility needs and understanding the goals and outcomes of clients need is an essential part of our delivery.

Energy and Resource Conservation

Our energy conservation experience ensure all facility hard maintenance services include sustainability processes, measurements and verification for sub-contractors. The Facility Maintenance process must include, as part of the scope, to optimize opportunities to improve energy conservation and deliver reduction in resource consumption.

Tailoring services to maximize Performance

analogue Electrical energy meter

Energy Conservation needs to be considered as part of a holistic plan when maintaining hard services and when procuring projects into an existing building. The opportunities to implement strategies within the maintenance budget should be optimized to gain the best returns for the Landlord.

The tailoring of facility hard services to meet outcomes is only the first part. We measure and quantify performance, which means, for our clients, is we manage and improve the performance of the process as part of our Facility Management.

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Fixed Asset Management

Facility Management which Makes Sense

So it makes sense to improve your building’s performance at the most intrinsic level with a Facility Management company that knows how the intelligent or smart buildings work and how to delver the results in both building performance and operations.

Two Distinct advantages

There are two distinct advantages with offering both sources.
With external procurement, our considerable contracting experience provides the foundation for exceeding value when engaging external sub-contractors.
With Internal procurement, our supply chain is a valuable commodity which we respect and honor, we put the best offer forward for our client. Our Internal Procurement Disciplines are targeted at technology and electrical services such as energy conservation, Building Integration and Building Management Systems

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    Critical HVAC System Maintenance
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    Effective Maintennce will Reduce Energy Costs
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    Mechanical HVAC Services

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