• Mechanical HVAC Asset Register
    Develop and Maintain an Asset Register for Your Site
  • Scheduled Monthly Maintenance
    Preventative Services Visits
  • HVAC Mechanical
    Service, Repairs, Upgrades
  • Plant Room Services
    Maintenance & Repair
  • Energy Conservation
    Make Significant Improvements in your Energy Conservation Goals

Include an Asset Register as Part of your Preventative Maintenance

It’s Easy and its Inexpensive and can Help you Manage Your Building with Greater Efficiency

Making the most of Our Technician’s time on your site, they have equipment covers removed and they have access to components one would not typically be aware of, hence, take advantage of the situation and have them collect data and take photos for your Asset Register.

This assists greatly with the proper name plates on equipment, actual physical condition of equipment and costs to replace or repair if required. A photo will tell a thousand words, while an Operational and Maintenance manual will be, typically, hard to find.

Consider the details of your Building’s Major Assets, their condition, and the maintenance records all kept and maintained in a single data base which you own. Consider optimizing your dollars by detailing correct information, from the equipment it self, via the technician, as opposed to documentation which is likely out of date and may not even exist.

Details in an Asset register include:

  • Expected Remaining Life Term
  • Manufacturer
  • Equipment Identity Tag
  • Date of installation
  • Details Make and Model
  • Expected Replacement Cost
  • Obsolescence Details
  • Current Physical Condition
  • Replacement Parts Availability
  • Consumables
  • Gain Insightin your Building's True Condition
  • How do you Know Your Building is Compliant

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