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Energy Management Strategies

Your Commercial Building will have Energy Conservation Opportunities

Opportunities to reduce costs on energy bills in either the tenancy or the base building are not exhaustive, there is a point when the return on investment can make strategies uneconomical, but, that can change with time as new ideas and new technology comes on to the market making those opportunities which were previously nonviable, viable.

How Can We Save You Money With Energy

There are many options, the least expensive with the greatest returns is via maintenance “key performance indicators” with specific targets to be achieved during the maintenance, this is especially effective with the HVAC mechanical Services System.

Other Opportunities include:

  • Improving Building Management Systems.
  • Variable Speed Drives installed on Fan and Pump Motors.
  • Electrical Energy Metering integrated into your “BMS”.
  • Stand alone Energy Management System.
  • Fluid Energy Metering integrated into Your “BMS”.
  • Energy Audits
  • Separately measuring the Electrical Energy of your HVAC Switchboard(s).
  • Installing Car Park Carbon Monoxide Fan Control Systems.
  • High Level Interface Major energy Consuming Assets into your BMS (e.g. Chillers, Motor VSDs, Elevators).
  • Trend logging these Energy monitoring points into your BMS and creating control strategies around these
  • Mechanical Services
    Building Management Systems

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