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    Critical Services Maintenance
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    Critical HVAC System Maintenance
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    Major Fixed Asset Maintenance
  • large cooling coil in a air handling unit for a commercial building
    Mechanical HVAC Services
  • high voltage power lines in a sunset view
    Effective Maintennce will Reduce Energy Costs

Did You Know?

  • Elevator Service Vendors can often provide maintenance and repairs on their competitors equipment
  • The smaller elevator service companies have access to parts and technology of their bigger counterparts
  • Elevators have to be certified annually
  • Older elevators have parts which are no longer available for purchase leaving owners exposed to major upgraded costs without warning
  • Cable elevators are generally more reliable then hydraulic types
  • There are energy conservation opportunities without major equipment upgrades
  • Safety is a major reason for refurbishment of elevators, not cosmetics
  • There are several Australian Standards which elevators must comply with

Are Your Elevators Compliant?

Are Your Elevators WHS Compliant?

Lift motor room form 1970 commercial building Sydney

This elevator equipment is server need of an upgrade, well beyond it’s life term

Our Value Proposition

Basically, our value proposition comes back to our buying power and experienced operators.
That’s how we save you money, inclusive of any fees we might charge.

Service Level Agreements

We negotiate parameters within a preventative or comprehensive service level agreements which, can save you money.
We ask for sustainability objectives, Call out and emergency objectives, KPI monitoring and other logical, accountable terms.
Our Point of difference for our clientele is our buying power and the experience of dealing with SLA’s with vendors over the long term.

Call today, there could be savings “left on the table” that can be easily recovered.

Elevator Maintenance

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