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Optimize Technology

Building Management systems, Automation is a constantly growing and fast moving industry, keeping up with technology is imperative for our business, and fundamental to keeping our clientele competitive with their peers.
Ensuring the Facilities we work with have the opportunity to embrace the most current technology delvers a facility which can crystallize business opportunities which their “obsolete” competitors can’t.

Taking advantage and optimizing your Building Automation technology for Energy Management, Building Information Modelling, Trend logging, Event management (alarms), remote access and other “value add” features which save time and money in building management.

Building Information Modelling – BIM

BIM – Building information modelling is a growing industry offering genuine value to landlords and property managers alike. Embracing current automation technology makes for an efficient out come for the implementation of BIM into your building. BMS systems can trend log, monitor and record events in lie with the programming and equipment they are connected to.

natural gas pipe in a plant room to show energy source

Energy Management and control via the Building Management System

  • Building Management Systems
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