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Frequently Asked Questions About Building Management Systems. Can we use a different Vendor for Service and Maintenance Typically, yes. Each Site and System need to be evaluated upon it’s own merits, but, typically there is always a way to change vendors with out spending a fortune on new hardware. Open protocols such as Bacnet, LonWorks […]

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Building Management System giving you grief? Unlock your building and ensure market value Building Management Systems (BMS) were designed as a labor saving device. They can be an absolute delight to work with, delivering information accurately, driving plant equipment, lighting, and other assets effectively or they can be an unmitigated disaster that continually delivers grief […]

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Building Managers, and sub-contractors; an under-used resource? In our efforts to reduce costs, increase sustainability and improve the economics of operations in commercial buildings, we sometimes bypass the people, who can help us the most. Building Managers are a library of data. Building Managers, being on the front line of operations, have access to a […]

Can you use Social media in Building Management? Whether Social Media is your “thing”; it is here to stay Social Media is definitely not my thing, writing a public notice that I had Weeties for breakfast and forgot to put the cat out is not entirely in my comfort zone, however, there is no escaping […]

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Commercial Real Estate Types Offices, Retail, and Industrial There are three main types of commercial properties which attract a tenant and consequently a yield: Offices, Retail and Industrial. These properties vary in characteristics as per any other property investment, but the sectors of office, retail and industrial offer there own synergies and advantages. Commercial Offices […]

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