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Vendor Management

Save Money, get it Right, With Experienced Diligent Managers

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Vendor Management

What is Vendor Management?

Contractor co-ordination and supervision
Basic tasks and duties include:

  • Scope of works are “fit for Purpose”
  • Contractors are licensed and insured
  • Invoicing is correct and correlates with the relevant purchase order and the work completed
  • Safety method statements are submitted and adhered to by vendor staff
  • and other on site responsibilities

Vendor Management

For Our Clientele we consider any Vendor, supplier, contractor with the following criteria in mind:

  • Market Price and comparable scope
  • “Fit For Purpose” products, including software and “Technical Support”
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Vetted Employees and trained staff
  • Workplace Health and Safety Systems and documentation
  • Insurances for Work Cover, Business and Professional Indemnity
  • Experience and workmanship in the discipline
  • Known Suppliers with existing track records

How Do We Save You Money?

  • Buying Power
  • Technical and Trade Qualified Employees
  • Diligent Checks Prior and at Completion of Works
  • Understanding the Sydney and Melbourne Trade Markets
  • Tender Writing and Selection Systems and Processes
  • Transparent Reporting and Documentation
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Wraight Property Building Management

Reduce Unnecessary Operational Costs

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