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What Do These Terms Actually Mean The Lease agreement or contract between the Landlord (lessor) and the Tenant (Lessee) has various parameters for negotiation, one of the points of opportunity, for both parties is rent abatement or incentive. The terms are not mutually exclusive but rather codependent. WIFM – “What’s In It For Me The […]

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Your Property Manager or Client Wants a “Business Case”. a justification for a proposed project or undertaking on the basis of its expected commercial benefit. Your day had been relatively uneventful until, the email from your client or manager, asking you for a “business case” for the project you are proposing. The  manager seeks justification […]

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Understanding Single vendor Captivity Definition “Single Vendor captivity” crystallizes when a system or major asset can only be repaired and maintained by a single supplier. The System or asset which has been purchased, is typically specialized in its purpose and unique in it’s technical nature. Hence, there are few, if any, alternative vendors to seek […]

Building Networks

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” Installed in the Commercial building you, as the facility manager are there to look after, is a perfectly good Building Management System. The Property Manager or Landlord talks to you about getting prices to upgrade the system. Why? From an operations point of view, the system works well. […]

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Switchboard Refurbishments Your Existing Switchboard can be saved………well maybe. Why Refurbish your Switchboard? The switchboard might simply be at the “End of Life” and needs to be upgraded. A few points to consider: The Carcass of the switchboard might be reusable. the Back board, if it contains asbestos, don’t risk it, replace it. Older “Bakelite” […]

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Building Technology and Sustainability Technology in Facilities can often be improved at low cost and achieve sustainable outcomes for energy conservation. Technologies: Every Facility has a level of technology already in use, be that low level control, based upon human intervention, or a higher level of control with a totally integrated Building Management System that […]

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Vendor Management Save Money, get it Right, With Experienced Diligent Managers What is Vendor Management? Contractor co-ordination and supervision Basic tasks and duties include: Scope of works are “fit for Purpose” Contractors are licensed and insured Invoicing is correct and correlates with the relevant purchase order and the work completed Safety method statements are submitted […]

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What is Facility Performance: When we talk about Facility Performance (or Building Performance) we refer to costs versus income, that is the building operations, Energy management, Building Systems management, such as Air conditioning, vertical rise, lighting Control, Fire, Generators, etc are all working as a single holistic unit to minimize costs and maximize value. Facility […]

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The false economies if reusing commercial furniture in an office space . We look at a few different scenarios and none of them prove themselves to be the money saver a tenant might think. In fact it can cost a tenant more! As Facility Managers we are often asked by the Landlord to assist with […]

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