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A Third Party Audit Can Provide the information you Need!

All our Building Services Audits meet Australian Standards and/or designed to discover opportunities for Energy Management and Resource Management improvements within your Facility.
Our audit is the starting point, the “line in the sand” from which meaningful measurements and verification can begin.

roof top Air conditioning duct work t the tenancy below is block with corrugated iron

Mechanical Services maintenance opportunity

We start by establishing a scope with our client, to understand the depth of investigation you are seeking, there may be specific concerns or investigations as to where costs are being absorbed.

Our Audit Services are flexible and designed in consultation with our client. The goal is to have your facility running fully optimized with maximum returns.

Specific Building Services Audits


    Offices and Hotels

  • Energy Audits

    Level 1, 2 or 3

  • BMS Audits

    Building Management System

  • HVAC Audits

    Heating Ventilation and air Conditioning – Mechanical Plant

  • Switch Boards

    Mechanical, Light and Power, Distribution Boards

  • Lighting

    Tenancy Lighting, energy Conservation

  • Building Information Modelling - BIM
    Create the Foundations for BIM
  • Building Services
    Maintenance and Projects

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