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How Ever beautiful the Strategy, you should occasionally look at results……

Winston Churchill

measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so

Galileo Galilei

To obtain results you must measure performance

Two executives giving a demonstration with a performance chart with the cart having indicators in the positive direction.

Partner with an experienced and diligent company to improve overall commercial Building investment Performance

It is simple enough, but not all our competitors do it.
Our key offering, our key point of difference is in the results we obtain for your property.
We offer improvement over time in deliverables such as value, costs, energy consumption, sustainability, tenant retention, rent returns, resource costs, and overall outcomes of the asset.
Key Measurable opportunities include Nabers assessments, Energy Audits, Power bills, lease renewals, tenant feed back surveys, maintenance repairs versus preventative maintenance costs, breakdowns, water bills just to name a few.


The bitterness of poor quality remains long after low pricing is forgotten.


Eleven Performance Criteria

Eleven opportunities for improvement to increase the overall performance of an asset include:

  1. Energy Consumption
  2. Tenant Retention/Option take up
  3. Yield
  4. Individual rents
  5. Outgoings
  6. Maintenance budgets
  7. Corrective maintenance Budgets
  8. sustainability KPIs within the maintenance Agreements(SLAs)
  9. Tenant Feed back
  10. Asset register “end of life” Parameters
  11. Refurbishment Capital Costs


At the business end, it is results which count, we know we can put numbers on the table, but you might not know us, so if you would like to meet over a coffee, perhaps there is an opportunity for both parties.

Silhouette executives in front upward pointing graphic with building performance scale

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