Our Passion is buildings, we know how they work and we understand the synergies between the services, the people, and the structure.

We started our business for several reasons, as you’ll read below; our genesis was motivated by being witness to thousands of dollars wasted, of the owners money, which was completely unnecessary.
We knew there were huge inefficiencies and misunderstandings in the operational process of a commercial building, leaving returns behind and costing owners opportunities both directly and indirectly.nice lady giving us the "thumbs up"

False Economies

Effective Property Management means reducing or negating false economies wherever possible; all too often, a lack of understanding about the commercial building as a holistic system bear witness to poor economic decisions, which ultimately, effects the opportunity to negotiate an increase in rent form the tenants, which in turn effects Building Performance.


We Started life serving the commercial building industry offering automated energy and building management control systems, both private and open tender, both in construction and buildings in operation.
Our expertise in making building work as a holistic, seamless, single system, connecting all the components, making them work together and then monitoring and measuring to ensure the systems worked for the people, the owner and the community, built the foundations to offer a decent property management company.

The Competition

We found the competition, the big four commercial real estate companies, can’t compete, because they have to outsource anything technical; their property mangers are tertiary educated, with very limited practical experience.

Balance for Building Performance and Yield

Balancing energy costs with maintenance, maintaining or improving the valuable NABERS assessment, and delivering an indoor environment with fewer complaints from the tenants, is a core deliverable.
Improving Tenants retention, improving the “value for money” or “ROI” on the outgoings, effective and proactive building management and monitoring the overall building performance, to deliver tangible results.

Effective Property Management

Operations Management

We knew we could provide a more effective property management service than our competitors for a few simple reasons, including:

  • We understand the building as a single holistic system
  • Our Construction experience taught how to “shop” and Negotiate
  • Starving tenants for want of better NABERS assessments is not tenable for the term
  • Asset registers are an active documents, not a one off
  • Service Level agreements can have KPIs in them to delver sustainability objectives at the maintenance level
  • Monitoring the performance of the maintenance suppliers, investigate business opportunities and checking equipment fails
  • Identifying and illuminating false economies
  • Celebrate achievements, for example an active energy display in the main lobby
  • Avoiding the large supplier companies (slow to act, hard to communicate with, expensive)
  • Consider smaller suppliers (they will bend over backwards to serve


There is no greater joy (well there is, but, in the work environment) than seeing the results of your works, to see a strategy work, to know a budget has been achieved and on time, to know a client has benefited from your efforts and can invest further.

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