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Our Engineering back ground is our point of difference!

Our point of difference is in the trade, engineering and construction back ground.

Property Management with an Intrinsic difference

How many property management companies do you know have directors which have trade, digital controls, engineering and construction experience? How many have the Work place health and safety knowledge and safety systems application experience in one of the most dangerous industries in Australia, How many have the commercial buildings operations experience to know how systems, within a building structure, integrate with one another to create a seamless balance of operations and energy conservation? How many understand the software applications and digital control technology which can save a building thousands of dollars and improve the nabers assessment rating.

plant room operations

plant room operations

Trade Qualified

How many property management companies have directors which electrical trade qualifications, real estate experience, mechanical services and commercial building automation experience?
How many have access to specialized resources, you can’t always find on the internet?
For example, you may have expensive, yet obsolete elevators or chillers or automation systems. Technicians with huge skill sets often leave companies and go out on their own and take the experience with them, leaving big companies to advise building owners to only upgrade, refurbish. But what if you could access this skill set and the parts. Accessing these technicians can avoid or reduce the urgency for system upgrades and/or modifications. They also have access to spare parts overseas which major suppliers don’t want you to know about. They have access to the relationships, the technology and the parts which can help you save money.
We have access to these technicians, ask us how?

This is why you will make you money when you engage us.

Combine the Trade, construction, Technology experience, the valued and vetted supply chain, the real estate and building operations knowledge, and you have combination which can deliver results unlike many of our competitors.

  • two control valves with electronic control actuators on a chilled water pipe in a commercial building plant room
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