The Genesis of Wraight Property

Clients benefit from our foundations in engineering, trade, automation and construction; we work with you in a holistic way with the entire building, as a “unit” in the scope of works;
the brief from you, the client would be to the effect: –

Make this building work, reduce my operational costs, bring it all together, automate what you can, I want to see everything from my laptop, elevators, HVAC, Fire, BMS, Floors, water, energy, all of it!

In the construction industry we were providing the building automation (or Building Management Systems) products and services. We had built relationships with our clients during “Defects Liability Period” (DLP) of construction and, a sorting out anomalies and tailoring systems to meet the requirements of the owner and the operational requirements of the property manager.

Specialized Skills!

The skills developed from the demands of the construction industry to “Make it work!” benefit you with experience and resourcefulness other Facility managers can’t provide, they are simply not aware of what else is out there. You might be surprised by the people we know and the international support which can be accessed for some of those “Special Projects”

Understanding Commercial Buildings as a Single System

Working with all the services and systems of the buildings, from town water pumps, fire, lift, chemical dosing, chillers, lighting, switchboards, energy monitoring, and so the list goes on; we worked with almost everything that carried electricity. Our brief often included bringing it all together, into a holistic singular system.
The Client’s KPIs were to improve the overall performance of the building, our clients want results which stack up on the bottom line and meet budget expectations.


Your Nabers Rating is a critical part of commercial building operations management. Nabers assessments are now an intrinsic component of your operations management;
Our goal is to deliver improvements which you can measure in the assessments, such as Nabers, BEECs, and CBD lighting, hence, we provide recommendations to assist to improve rating assessments with minimum negative impact for the tenants. We can design, install and commission the idea and then record (with the BMS trend log) the energy consumption of the idea.
The business case and all the numbers are tangible and verified in the reduced energy billing for our clients. Hence, your energy company and Nabers assessor is essentially acting as a third party verification, no conflict of interest.

Why do business with us

Wraight Property is an “alternative” to the five majors; we are passionate, personalized and keen to win and maintain your business over the long term. We pride ourselves on obtaining tangible results. Results our clients see in their Nabers assessments, reduced energy costs, reduced operational costs, tenant retention and overall performance improvement of the building.

Eliminate False Economies in Property Maintenance

Reducing the indirect costs in maintenance and building management

Buying Power

Our buying power, our access to specialized and qualified suppliers, our commercial real estate acumen and our building operational knowledge sets us apart from our competitors, but our personalized delivery is why doing business with us is a better customer experience than working with the majors.
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The Net Cost Target for our Clients is Zero or better.
Wraight Property Facility Management

Nigel Wraight of Wraight Property

Nigel Wraight

Foundations of Our Business

The Foundations of our business are built upon Four Core Values

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